Good 'ol Christy!

I will be meeting Christy after almost three months now. The last I saw her was when she had breezed into my house and demanded fish curry and then sat down to arrange my suitcase for my trip to the UK! My diary had everything written in absolute certainty, x number of shirts, y number of trousers, so many undies (yeah! that too!!), so many soaps,deos, prefumes, shampoos and conditioners! Everything was methodically written and it was read out to me at least twice so I do not, DO NOT forget anything back there (its an altogether different story, that in the end, I had to leave all my old clothes in the airport, cuz the immigration guy wouldnt let me board the plane with 11 kilos of extra luggage!!)

Christy...!! The very sight of her used to spur me to turn around and walk in the opposite direction, or at least walk past her like she didnt even exist!! How that turned into such a close friendship, that we are like sisters...I do not know!!! Thats the friendship mystery, I guess!!

I'll run now! The lady will be waiting for me and if I am even a nanosecond later than 5:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0:0, I just might not be able to blog again!!! (actually, given the traffic in Mount Road, I am going to be late anyways, at least by a few minutes!! I think I just might have to resort to the I-was-so-rushing-I-almost-met-with-an-accident look!! Then she'll be all worried about how I am now!! Har har har!! Am I baaadddd or what?!!!!)


Aarthi said…
Onething is for sure..inum super a sapdra...hehehe..nice to read abt ur frnd christy...

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