Being me

I feel like three people at the same time;

Harry Potter - remember how he Hermoine and Ron would always stay back during the Christmas hols and how the halls would be so empty and spooky? Even the slightest sound wakes me up and it takes me MINUTES to get back to sleep! And the wind! Oh the Scottish winds! They go ooooooooooooo..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa...ooooooooooooooooooooo!! SPOOKY!

Dobby the House Elf - Another Harry Potter character who bangs his head on anything and everything that would hurt the moment he realises that he spoke something wrong (in my case PURE SILLY) I feel like him too...want to bang my head on these stone walls. Me and my big mouth.

Ashika - This is a little tough. Its weird, its crazy and it says the wrong things at the wrong time. Sigh.

Bored to silliness!



Vadapoche said…
So sad! How are you killing the boredom and the loneliness?
Divia said…
have personal prayer a time alotted to build and rejeuvinate urself not only during vetti time but always... a great way to keep us focused
Aarthi said…
I'm sure blogs will help you....

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