Grumpy Granny!

Exams over, yuletide in, holidays and loads of vetti time, most of the time!

I am back to blogging and boy! Does it feel good! Today was a busy day. The Job Centre misplaced some of my papers and the job that I had for Christmas just got blown away! So I am hot on the heels of a new job! I seriously believe that the fruit of patience is sweet, I'll wait!

Anyways, what spurred me to blog today, even though I finished my exams a couple of days ago was a 'I've GOT to blog this' incident! I was on my way to Princes Street where most of the big brand shops are located and also where the Job Centre is and I got into Lothian Bus 25. As we were on our way to the High Street, on Shandon Place or somewhere before that, an old lady got into the bus. She was quite old, must be around 75 at least. Anyways, here she was white hair, raincoat and a big bag, grumbling about something. She kept mumbling and went past the driver and sat down. The driver, who is worthy of a separate blog himself, with all his piercings and tattoos, suddenly stopped the bus and snapped his fingers at the old lady. Thus began a verbal fight between the old lady and the driver! The reason- the old lady told him that he was late and he was enraged!! He was so angry that someone would say that he was late! Wow! I was imagining our PTC buses and their pledge to never follow a time table!!

All this is fine! What got me gaping and later stuffing my mouth with my cap so I wont start giggling like a maniac was that while the driver was still defending himself and waving his timetable and daring the old lady to come check it, this white haired, 70 something, angry senior citizen suddenly said, "HEY!!!!!" and with great difficulty disengaged her hand from the bag she was holding and showed the driver 'the finger'!

The bus started and the driver got us back on the road.

Everyone was so quiet. I was shocked. Never ever in my life had I seen an old lady show the finger to anyone! Once the shock ebbed out, I couldnt stop grinning! And I was stiffling giggles! Phew! Am sure, had she seen me laughing, I would have met the same fate as the driver!

Ha! Its good to be back!!!

Laters then!



Vadapoche said…

Missed you big time!!!
Divia said…
that was something i didnt even imagine!!!
i imagined something like a slap(more Indian)or a gun (more western)?!
Aarthi said…

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