Its again that time of the year when I look back and say,"Hmm...not bad, considering what all happened, I have managed to keep my senses about myself" and of course, hope that the new year brings more joy and more strength to face the trials that will most definitely come!
2006 has been a very oxymoronish year for me! But in every sway to the downside, I manage to find a positive note and turn the balances!

Personally, I think Abi's accident and his subsequent (miraculous!) recuperation was one of the most important events of this year. Even now when I think back to those days spent in the hospital outside the ICU, I shudder and whisper a word of thanks to God.

Another most important event of the year was that I met K !! Entwined with the hospital scene remains my most joyful and favourite story ever- 'my first meeting with K'! Thank you for your love and support Mads, and for being more patient than you've probably ever been.

Dad's getting back to work is as important to me as it is to him and mom's surgery - wheee! Thank God its over and done with!

The fact that I got to travel abroad (on company expense :D) and then resettle to live in Edinburgh to do my MBA is three things I have always wanted to do ;fulfilled at the same time! The ordeal for the bank loan, the wait for the visa, getting things in order to leave for the UK...phew! Its been a long 2006!

I learnt so many things about myself, was surprised by some and absolutely shocked by the rest! Accepted them, moved on. Learnt more to accept people as they are and stop making judgements.

In a lot of ways and experiences, I found my childhood again. I dusted the cobwebs from the many cares and concerns of the world and found that curiosity, pure joy, love, excitement and enthusiasm never end! They are right here, except that the dust gathered over the years needs to be removed.

Overall, I think I have become a better person this year, at least better than what I was last year! Its good to have more focus, more freedom and the discipline that must accompany it. Oh yes, I have fought, loads with everyone from my parents, to K to Abi to Gaayu to Mayu, to Nami, to even my friends in Edinburgh (..and I barely know them!) But I have made up with most of them (will reconcile with Abi today evening..am going to cook some nice chicken curry for him...hehehe!)

I know I will change next year as I have changed this year, my only prayer is that my change be for the better and that I never lose the child in me! That I love more and judge less, give more and expect less. And never ever forget to be myself!

Wishing each one of you the best of everything during this Christmas and the year to come!

God bless!


Vadapoche said...

Hi dear,

Merry Cristmas and best wishes for a wonderful year ahead.

The only constant in life is change, we all change and when I look back at the year that was and where I am mixed emotions run through me. Of people who left me and of people who have come in, of my new job, of so many more and then the realization that I have matured because of all this. I have mellowed down and tend to be more measured in a lot of things. Call it experience or age they are the same.

But like u, i hope to never kill the child in me.

Lotsa luv and best wishes

Divia said...

compliments of the season sweetie
Its good to do some stock taking and everyone does but may not blog... but every incident is important in our lives be it good bad, joyful sorrowful, however it may be... goes into the making of me. and im glad im this way... but there is always room for change... for better..and the most important thing to be underlined is your attitude towards that incident, it makes a world of difference! like you are doing in the case of K... patiently waiting for the Big day...making all of us proud in the times of "Out of sight, out of mind"

Aarthi said...

That was really nice that you were able to brief everything happened in 2006 n make it interestng too...

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