Economics on Monday mornings

Either my relationship with my monday morning economics class is jinxed or I have some silly psychological thing going on that makes me sleep exactly after 3.AM ONLY on sunday nights to wake up like in a trance at 8.30AM for a 9 AM class and go through the day like a zombie (active only when I have to physically stop myself from falling off the chair.)
Anyways, today was no different from the rest of the mondays, slept at 3.30 AM (what I did till then?? Other than the normal things(debatable, yeah!), woke my parents up early in the morning -for them- with a RISE AND SHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Did a psychotic, HIIIIIIIII HOWWW AREEEEE YOUUUUUU in high pitch to Mads(must have given u a shock sweetheart! Sorry!!)) and then dropped off to sleep.
I was taking down notes in class today, when out of sheer desperation to keep myself awake, I started writing random things! A peek into my economics notebook - unedited!

Oh my god! I am shameless!! I am rolling off into sleep right in front of Professor Neil Kay!! Can't believe it!!
I am going to go home and sleep. Should I tell Prof? Maybe not, will go sleep and come back after lunch. Yemmaaa!! Ibdi thookam varde!!!
My eyes are simply rolling in their sockets. The warm bed in my room is all I can see...all around me. Prof's talking about supply and demand and I keep hearing sleepy dee mandu!! hahahahaha!! I must be a psycho!!

Oh gosh! What am I trying to do? Fool him?! Can't believe I dozed off with one eye open! Aiyoooo Kadavale!! I've never felt so sleepy in my entire life! Ash...remember what all you did back in Sathyabama??? By this time you would have simply dropped off to sleep!!

Whewww!! So, when I ran out of the class during the mid morning break, thinking I'll catch up on my sleep, something made me turn left and go to the student canteen and pick up a cup of coffee and come right back to class! So! My student sense prevailed!! Praise God! And btw, today for the first time in my life (!!!) coffee kept me awake! I think it had more to do with misjudging the amount of sugar I would need for my coffee and drinking almost bitter coffee sent all the sleep in shreiking away to Honololu!!
And to top it all, the Prof keeps saying, "....and in the United States for example...." or "...consider what happened in California..." and I almost go off into dreamland!!! Sigh!!



Vadapoche said…
Hey Ash, I shldnt have read this while in office, now I'm yawning and I dont drink cofeee!!!

Anyway ur blogs are fun and I enjoy reading them. Keep blogging and have a blast out there.
Prof's talking about supply and demand and I keep hearing sleepy dee mandu!!..............
LOL!...chanceless...ulundhu ulundhu sirichikittu irruken!!...
Maximum Inc. said…
LOL HAHAHAHA.....its amazing how u can see humor in adversity
Aarthi said…
hey Aashi the above lines mentioned by kyun nahin...i go with too had a hearty laugh...

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