Ups and Downs

They warned me all about it. Sent me literature, gave me sessions as soon as I reached here and all the while, I literally tuned off thinking, this wouldnt happen to me..I am the been-to-London-returned-Ashika. But no one is ever spared and I am not an exception. Depression. Well, not like I am languishing in my room or refuse to talk to those around me..but the fact that these are the things that I would rather do than go out and take that walk next to the lake or have that chat with the folks confirmed it for me. Either am at the edge of my wits or I am going flop-bott! And the tiny zit that decided to place itself right on my cheek bone so that its visible to the entire world, does nothing to alleiviate the situation!

Will probably take another week for me to get back to normal living. Have just shifted from Lord Home Hall (the private bathroom ones) to Leonard Horner Hall (shared bathrooms). I was terrified thinking that these bathrooms wouldnt have locks, just like the one in my room, but thankfully, it has a lock and a good one at that! The room is smaller than here and I dont have a fantastic view anymore (not unless I become overly positive and start considering staring right into some one else's bedroom a 'fantastic view'! Well, you know what....WHY NOT!!) Okie, I have a (err...) fantastic view!! This place reminds me of the parable 'the good samaritan'. Wont get into the details of that, but the similarity is the lighting and the bricks - looks like an old jewish inn!

The highlights of this week are Shao-Po (pronounced, Shao-paoooooooo with a falling intonation) and Cho-Yu (pronounced Cho-Yuiiiiuuuu with a rising intonation, but he says, juuusss khaa mee Bruce Lee!) -my taiwanese friends. English is not something that comes easily to them, but the vigour at which they type words into their portable electronic dictionary and then the dawn of enlightenment on their faces....brought a tear to my eyes! And of course, Lan Shi, my chinese friend. She is the cutest person I have ever come across in my life! Short and sweet! And the way she says "Vaaya muudu" in a chinese accent ( something her Indian friend taught her in Germany) is hilarious!!!

Did I mention, the new hall is just a stone's throw from the Lake! I am looking forward to feeding the hungry swans and ducks! Hey! I dont feel so depressed after all! Maybe it was the act of blogging that made me focus on the positives! Wow! Now blogging is a stress buster too! Kewl!

Gotta run now! More later!



"Vaaya mudu" in Chinese accent!!!...I can sort of picture it...therez a japanese colleague of mine who says "kalishipancharu" (supposedly means co-worker in Telugu) in a Jap accent....chanceless!!
Aarthi said…
ya its true...i started blogging jus coz i wanted to get out of depression n it worked 100% well

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