...last time you did something for the first time

This phrase never fails to amaze me. I have rarely seen a sentence so snugly fit into the shoes of 'being oxymoronish'! I feel like a nursery school kid learning to read and write! I made sambar yesterday and not exaggerating, I like it! Standing in my kitchen, I would have been a funny sight to my chinese kitchen mates, grinning over a pot of boiling something(and appo appo tasting it also!)! So, when one of them before leaving shyly came up to me and said, "eeet smeaal, veeery gooood", the grin only stretched!

I dont really remember when I did something for the first time, the baggage switch was a first time alrite (though the burning hot cheeks due to agonizing embarassment when Sathya tracked me down and confirmed to me that he never cross dressed and that it was HIS bag that I picked...wasnt a first time!!) But yesterday, I think I would have yelped and clapped my hands in joy after realising that, I, I, I had actually made eatable/drinkable sambar!!

I never thought that I would be saying this, but my dear friends, cooking is a therapy. Believe me, it heals!

Gotta run now, the big black economics book is staring at me (glaring, I have a feeling)!

Take care!


Aarthi said…
I can't believe this Aashi!!!!!

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