History repeats itself and creates itself!

History has no consciousness of location. It simply repeats itself.

I, come, crossing oceans and seas, to a land far away, to learn, to explore, to grow; and I made history repeat itself. The first class of Economics, under the watchful (crystal clear, sea blue, kind...sigh!) eyes of Professor Neil Kay- I slept. I am not usually a creature of habit, but when a habit created out of four years of nothingness during my undergraduate days sticks despite two years of work experience, I am caught between a guffaw and a sob. Not only did I yawn, before, during and after every single slide that explained obviously important phenomenon such as marginal utility, opportunity costs, demand analysis and suppy analysis (believe it or not, I yawned twice before I finished that sentence, its really late at night, maybe thats why. Really.), there was a point in class when I, completely exhausted from trying to keep those heavyweights also known as my eyelids open, said, CHUCK IT (!!!!!!) and simply dozed off. So much so for supposedly having an aptitude for economics ( I used to top my class in 10th grade, always used to score 7/7, seriously!)

Anyways, thankfully, I wasnt asked to go wash my face and come(years of experience, back in Sathyabama) but somehow managed to ask a few questions and distract the blue eyed professor! But the reason I am blogging today is not to relate how history repeats itself (excuse me for swaying off the topic, which is actually SO ME!) but how history was created today! Twice!

So, here I was, sitting in the Organisational Behaviour class, in the last row of students and making some important descisions in my life ( e.g HRM is the last option on my job seeking agenda, never again am I going to touch that Cornish Pasty again, because one it costs 1 GBP = 90 bucks and two, it felt like eating raw meat...etc etc) when I heard a grrrrooowwwwllllll. The monster had arisen! The banana for breakfast had not satisfied the Indian food craving monster! And then, like a mirage, it floated before my very eyes, the chicken curry I had made two days ago! And at that moment, my mouth watered for a spoon of that curry I had called 'bearable'. History had just been created! First time. As soon as we broke for lunch, I came running, like to a lover, heated up my loving chicken curry and relished every single bite of it! Hunger makes miracles happen!

In the evening, when we the girls were having a pre weekend get together in my room, I invited Sushma for dinner( I took a risk with her life..yet...!) And what do we have for dinner? The same chicken curry I had made a couple of days ago! It was the moment of truth, the external examiner had come! One bite and Sush said "Ashika, you are an amazing cook" This time, I guffawed, with tears in my eyes! Hahahahhahahahahahahaha!! Well, waddya know! Ashika cooks well!!!

Its been exactly a week since I barely escaped the heart attack after the baggage switch! Things are slowly settling down, I dont get lost that often now! I can pronounce the names of each of my classmates and I can say Machiavellian without saying Machi err..aahh..hmm..wateva! Been through missing home, missing friends and missing the mister (worse than the other two), shed loadsa tears, fought with gaay, made up, finished up four call cards...hey!Not bad!Life is slowly getting back to normal!

take care y'all!


Aarthi said…
This blog was pretty interesting...

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